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if it's you & me forever, if it's you & me right now that'd be alright

hey, i'm lindsey

Lindsey ♥
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my name is lindsey. i'm 18 years old and i live in michigan. the jonas brothers are my favorite band if you couldn't tell. i love them so much, (: i got to meet joe & kevin on august 27th, 2009, thanks to team jonas. <3 i've seen them 4 times in concert, and nick jonas & the administration once. i'm so excited for the summer tour, i hope to see them a couple times if possible, (:

along with the jonas brothers, taylor swift is also one of my heros. it's been said a million times already, but she has shown me how to be fearless. she's shown me that it's okay to be the girl no one likes, the girl with no friends. i know it'll all get better someday even if it doesn't seem like it. she's taught me to be myself. for these things i can never thank her enough. <3 i've been a fan since the beginning, and i'm so proud to see her be so well known now and finally getting everything she deserves. <3 i hope one day to meet her, i know it'll make my life complete being able to say thank you to my idol. (:

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